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What Are Online Slots?

Slots are very loved by the Indonesian people in general today, especially rtp live slot gacor online24jam.

With the ease of playing, the bet amount is relatively small , you have the opportunity to win an amount up to 100,000 times the value of the bet.

For example, with only 200 rupiah of capital (you didn’t read it wrong!), you can win up to 1 million rupiah in the average game with the smallest maxwin (5000x). Especially if you dare to bet up to a thousand per spin.

Online slots can be played by various groups without the need to learn how to play for too long.

The most popular slot games for slot players in Indonesia come from the Pragmatic Play provider, where the favorite games are Gates of Olympus (Zeus) and Starlight Princess (Inces).

HandJudi as a trusted city that has been operating since 2017, of course, doesn’t miss providing the game.

Along with the development of the era, slot machines are now present in online form which spoils the fans, they don’t have to bother to visit.

Although the sensation of playing online or directly in place is quite different. But this is not a big polemic, because what you are looking for is playing online or playing live, the goal is the same, namely both to win.

The Origin Of Online Slots

We must have known or known the form of slot machines in a western film that we often watch, one of which you will remember is the slot machine in the Mr. Bean movie or when we were little we used to watch the god of gambling played by Stephen Chouw and Chu Yun Fat .

Yes, that’s a small part of the history of slot machines that we know from a movie. And since times have changed and become more sophisticated, slot machines now come in various shapes and patterns on the Asian continent.

Slot Machine Journey In The World

Literally a slot machine is a gambling machine that creates a pattern and a chance of winning for its consumers. Also known as one-handed gambling bandits, because of their shape which only has one lever to operate when playing.

The online gambling game itself was introduced to the world in 1887 by an American company named Sittman and Pitt in the State of New York. At that time the terms slot gambling were not well known and not popular in their home country.

And the way we find it is only in a number of lively and quite classy entertainment places such as hotels, restaurants or bars.

Visitors can play these machines by inserting metal coins into the slot machine and if they win, the players must exchange the outgoing coins or call the manager of the place because in the past the machine did not automatically issue the money.

But a few years later from the time it was released to the public, there was a mechanic named Charles August Fey who was very, very obsessed with the machine and managed to change or perfect the machine by reducing the number of patterns from the previously five patterns in the machine to three parts.

Charles himself added several changes to the machine, one of which was automatic payments when consumers won, so consumers no longer had to bother calling the manager of the place.

This machine is also known as the symbol of freedom thanks to one of the symbols added in the form of a bell image and is considered the first slot machine in the world.

Charles, who felt that his innovation in the machine was appreciated, Charles then decided to quit his previous job in order to focus on building a company that makes many slot machines in order to meet the demands of the slot machine enthusiast market.

And for his great effort and dedication to slot machines that brought Charles into the arena of success because he managed to make a big breakthrough in slot machines and that was judged by his ability to dominate the gambling arena market in every casino by 70% and another 30% for other games around the world. .

At What Age Can You Play Slots?

If we talk about the right age according to the admin, it’s over the age of 21, because in the past slot machines could only be found in a casino where these places had rules for their visitors.

The minimum limit for someone to enter a place where there is a casino must be over the age of 21 years and there is no maximum age limit for someone to visit the place.

How To Play Slots Online?

Nowadays, everything is sophisticated, from food, drinks, goods, and all kinds of things already using the online system. It’s the same with gambling, now you can go online and slots automatically do the same.

We can find online slots if we register through an online gambling site which is now widely offered either via chat, sms or telephone, even an invitation from a friend. And on the site there is usually a special platform for playing online gambling, one of which is slots.

The method is quite easy, usually when we have registered on a site, the first step we take is to fill in the balance in the account that we have created or commonly called Deposit. The value of the deposit itself varies from Rp. 10,000.00 to Rp. 100,000,000.00 and the method of filling it also varies depending on the rules of the site itself.

When we have made a deposit, we will choose what type of slot we want to play, usually on a jargon site they will appear at the top of a page and marked with the words dailywins.

It can be a reference when playing or even confused about choosing which type of slot. And then later when we have entered a slot site, we will be faced with a screen on your smartphone or tablet containing various shapes and + and – signs to set the value of the bets that we will play.

And the next step is you just press the play sign which is marked by rotating or changing images on the slot machine on the smartphone and tablet screen that you are using. The higher your bet, the bigger the winnings you will get.

What Games Are In Online Slots?

The games that we will encounter in online slots are quite diverse, but usually we will find 5-8 motifs in a slot machine where we only need to look for 8 items for 1 of the same motif in a slot round.

And when we have got the same 8 items, then our bet value will be doubled based on the claim of the game. There are those whose payment values ​​are based on logarithms, there are also random systems and some are just looking for the same pattern in a game.

How Many Types Of Online Slots Are There On A Site?

The following is a list of 20 gacor slot providers on the Gambling Hand online bookie site.

Pragmatic Play


PG Slots















Realtime Gaming



Terminology In The World Of Slots

Check out the following terms that are often used by slotters:

Slotermania : the name for slot players.

Veteran Slots : a term for slot players who have played for a long time.

Gacor : easy to leak, usually marketing from a site provides information to the players on what games are more easy to win.

Leaks : usually players who have registered on a site will ask for good leaks on what games are good if you want to play.

RTP : Return To Player is a leak on a slot game which is usually a percentage number in the form of a number from 10-100% for a game. The higher the percentage value in a game, the easier it is to win.

Deposit : the amount of money that players enter into an account that has been registered. Usually the players use the transfer method between banks or via credit to top up the balance.

Withdraw : withdrawal of a certain amount of money if you manage to win the game.

TO : Turn Over is a condition for a bonus that will be given to players if the site offers a number of bonuses to attract players’ interest and players must be able to meet the TO requirements if they want to get the bonus value offered. Usually the TO given varies depending on the policy of the site. So, slotters, don’t be careless in understanding the TO offer.

Cashback Bonus : return of losses from total losses during play. The period given is usually one week from the first time you play.

Commission Bonus : additional winnings from your total winnings during play. The time period given is also usually one week from the time you first play.


It is not surprising that online slot gambling has been named a gambling game that is quite widely played and loved by slotermania (the name for slot players) since two decades ago, it has been in the ranking of the most crowded and exciting gambling searches discussed by world slotters.

In addition to the way the game is quite unique and diverse, the slot machine is also how to play it is quite quickly understood even by people who are new to the world of slots. Because it’s appropriate if the slot that we know today is a prestigious event where the event is worth trying and playing.

For those of you who have never tried to play it, I suggest you immediately join the trusted online gambling site and choose your favorite slot game. And don’t forget, JP greetings to you!!