History of Industrial Metal Bending

Metal bending techniques are utilized to make tubes or pipes which can be used in various applications like petroleum pipeline lines, handles as freeway signs power plants, and so on. There are various tools and processes employed to bend metals nowadays, but this wasn’t the situation in the past.

If you wanted to trace back the beginnings of bending metal, it dates to the early Chinese civilizations. Reeds were utilized as tubes to carry water. In other regions of the world hollow trees were also used to move water from one location to another. As newer technology was developed, man-made tubes were developed and machines to form tubes and bent tubes were initially developed. Cast iron was later used on in England in industrialization to make tubes and pipes, however, this was still done manually. This was mostly due to the establishment of the railways infrastructure and manufacturing industry which was created. In the later years, as technology developed the converter furnace process was developed and made hollow bars and flexible low carbon steel. The onset in World War II further aided in the metal bending industry due to the massive need for tubes and pipes for ships, aircrafts as well as automobiles.

Today, thanks to the latest technological advancements and computerization, metal bending is accomplished using various techniques and equipment. In certain instances, robots that are pre-programmed are employed to complete heavy-duty metal bend tasks. Nowadays, there is plenty of demand for pipe benders because they are utilized in a variety of industrial applications. The most powerful and large benders are utilized for large industrial applications. Mandrels and pipe are utilized to support and ensure the pipe is secured while the metal is forced to bend. The ram that is the top part of the press is used to form the metal and create different bends power press machine.

The applications of bent pipes are numerous. They are utilized in tanks, marine vessels windmills, as well as trains as well. They are also utilized for construction and architectural applications. They are utilized in stadiums, skyscrapers bridges, canopy structures stores, homes stadiums, and other.

There are a variety of metal bending services, and you will find one that is able to meet your needs based on your needs.