The Basement Wood Shop

Each wood shop would profit from the expansion of a miter saw to their device stock. A fundamental miter saw will permit the client to produce exact crosscuts and miter compromises and joints. A compound miter saw is a higher step up, allowing the sharp edge and shaper head to be turned horizontally while the table pivots evenly; this will make vertical and evenly calculated slices notwithstanding those calculated in the two planes. A sliding compound miter saw, like the Hitachi C8FSE, adds flat sliding arms to the shaper head, empowering segment of a lot more extensive sheets.

The Hitachi C8FSE 8 ½ Inch Sliding Compound solid wood dresser Miter Saw is the fundamental device for craftsmen, composers, development laborers or home carpenters who are hoping to make exact miter cuts in such media as outlining pieces, trim, crown shaping or any huge carpentry piece. There are such countless purposes and elements to this extraordinary saw, brought to you by a name you can trust.


The cutting power is driven by a strong 9.5 Amp engine. The points reachable utilizing this saw are determined as a 57 degree miter point to the right, and a left miter point of 45. The slant points collected by the Hitachi C8FSE are a scope of 47 degrees to the left and 5 degrees to the right, including flexible stops for compound cutting practices. The miter file upholds 11 positive quits, taking into consideration easy estimation readings and quick setting change. The stops change in accordance with 15, 22.5, 31.6, and 45 degrees to the both left and right. The expansion of a huge turning wall and table consider better help while working with level lying crown forming. The 8 1/2 inch edge that is incorporated with the saw is great for sensitive trim and fine wood work, while huge pieces up to 2 9/16 inches high and 12 creeps top to bottom are obliged by the direct metal ball slide framework and turning wall. In this manner you are left with top notch control and precise cuts.

Tender loving care Is What This Miter Saw Ensures

The colloquialism “Measure two times, cut once” is a famous one among craftsmen and carpenters, chiefly on the grounds that a miss-cut could bring about sat around and materials. The Hitachi C8FSE sliding compound miter saw is made considering an ideal cut, without fail. Tipping the scales at an exceptionally light and flexibility 31lbs, it considers outrageous versatility. Wellbeing highlights incorporate an electric brake to stop the sharp edge turn in a moment, forestalling undesirable or misinformed cuts. Airborne residue and parts are gathered in a gathering fitting, while a flotsam and jetsam diversion watch whisks away waste material. Likewise highlighted in this miter saw for client accommodation is having the brush remotely mounted for fast and simple brush changes, consequently broadening the existence of the saw. At the point when you require half lap or dado joints, the utilization of the profundity change guide takes into consideration quick changes.

As may be obvious, the Hitachi C8FSE sliding compound miter saw is an extraordinary expansion to any carpentry shop or development business that requests exactness, proficiency, and an ideal cut the initial time.

Due to it’s dependability and incredible elements, the Hitachi C8FSE [] Sliding Compound Miter Saw is an optimal decision for you.